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How to fix unreadable code in exported CSV file?
How to fix unreadable code in exported CSV file?

When opening any file, Microsoft Excel is trying to find the proper encoding automatically. However, CSV files usually have no such information as they are just plain text. Therefore you need to help Excel choose the correct encoding to open the CSV file. To view the hidden characters, modify your settings in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Export the translation from Etranslate.
  2. Open the saved file in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click the Data tab.
  4. Click From Text.
  5. Select your translation export file.
  6. Select Delimited, then make the following changes:

Start Import at Row "1" File Origin: "65001: Unicode (UTF-8)"

  1. Click Next.
  2. In 'Delimiters', select Comma.
  3. Click Finish.
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Can not work? 2 further solutions are below.**

Use Excel 2019 to edit the CSV file.
If you are using an older version, kindly change the default editing language to the target one.  

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