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How to customize Switcher?
How to customize Switcher?

In this  article, we'll show you how to customize your Language & Currency Switcher.

Go to Language in the menu bar and click the 'Customize' button to enter the widget customization page.

You can find our widget on the right preview page. First, select the way you want to embed the widget, whether it's floating or embedded into the page. 

After making your choice, use your mouse to move the widget to a position that you think is suitable.


You can also customize the button and dropdown bar style.

In the "Style" tab, you can customize the style of the Switcher to fit your theme style

In the "Advance" tab, you can set the currency display based on the customer's IP address. Alternatively, set the language display based on their IP address or browser settings.

You can also switch to the mobile view to customize the switcher for the mobile experience.

If none of the above operations allow you to customize the widget to a suitable position or style, you can achieve this by editing the CSS code in the Style Tab, or you can reach out to our customer service for help with customization.

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